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Window Preservation Alliance

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About Us

The Window Preservation Alliance (WPA) was formed in response to requests to have window restorers exhibit at regional and national building and historic preservation events. Since most window restorers work in geographically small areas, it made no sense as individual companies to have this sort of presence. But, as a group, representation can be equal to or greater than the replacement window manufacturers. Together we can have a voice. Together we can save original windows.

The aim of the WPA is to include all who want to help change the conversation about windows. We want to connect those who wish to save their windows with professionals who can provide the needed services. We want to demystify the process of finding the appropriate materials and products for window restoration. We want to introduce those considering window restoration as a career to professionals who can help them grow. Our goal is to help preservationists find the tools they need to educate building owners, architects, and other decision makers about the value of original windows.

A steering committee was formed and the Window Preservation Alliance was organized as a 501(c)(6) trade association. The first meet up was held in April 2015 and an enthusiastic group immediately signed up for membership. The Steering Committee became the Board of Directors listed below.

Alison Hardy, President, is owner of Window Woman of New England, Inc. Her company restores windows in the North of Boston/Merrimac Valley region. Alison has a BA from Denison University and an MBA from Boston University, only some of which is useful when scraping paint. When not restoring windows for other people she works on restoring her 1850's farmhouse in Topsfield, MA.

Jodi Rubin, Secretary, is the owner of CCS Restoration, which restores and replicates wood windows and doors and mills custom siding and trim in Florida and beyond.  Jodi’s interest in historic buildings began early and was honed while earning a BS in Landscape Architecture and an MS in Urban and Regional Planning, both from the University of Wisconsin.  Jodi worked as the Historic Preservation Officer for the City of Orlando, taught preservation at Rollins College and has served on local and statewide preservation boards.

David Hoggard, Treasurer, is a native of Kentucky.  He studied political science at Western Kentucky University until 1981.  Lending more to his background in music performance than anything learned in college, he took a road salesman job for a national musical instrument supplier for the next 18 years from a home base of Greensboro, NC.  He’s been there ever since.

A preservationist at his core, David founded Double Hung, LLC in 1997 in retaliation to the burgeoning window replacement industry. Recognizing that owners of historic properties were offered few viable options when it came to the decision on whether to replace or restore their original windows, David recognized the opportunity to fill an important need.  Today his company employs 38 people and undertakes projects large and small throughout the Southeast.  Double Hung has locations in Greensboro, NC and Savannah, GA.

Marc Bagala is the owner and President of Bagala Window Works. He started his preservation journey twenty-seven years ago, learning to make windows and doors energy efficient with Accurate Metal Interlocking Weatherstrip. Expanding on this nearly-lost trade, he picked the brains of every preservationist he could find, to learn everything he could about architectural preservation and historic windows and doors.

Now, Marc likes to say, “I’ve never met a window I couldn’t restore”, and he feels fortunate that so many people over the years have allowed him to restore their original windows. Marc realizes he cannot save all the windows in the world that need saving, so now he teaches others what he knows, vicariously preserving windows through them.

The Bagala Window Works shop is located in a renovated 1800s church in Westbrook, Maine. 

John Leegwater is one of three founding owners of Midtown Craftsmen LLC.  His parents, Dutch immigrants, raised him with an interest in history and old things. John went to Ferris State University to earn his degree in Applied Arts and Sciences (AAS) in Building Construction Technology. His love of old things led him to apply for a carpentry position at a remodeling company that specialized in older homes in the area's largest historic district. Six years later the opportunity presented itself to start MTC in the same niche.  With a ground swell of former clients, the company flourished until the stock market crashed in 2008.  John and his business partner explored window restoration instead of replacement. Today they are known as Grand Rapid’s leading "old house experts" specializing in and advocating for window restoration along with other contracting services.

Neil Mozer has been involved in building and construction for over 25 years most of which has involved remodeling and additions of residential properties.  He apprenticed in 1984-1988 working in:  Denver, Colorado;  Mellingen, Switzerland and, lastly, Brookeville, MD for a restoration contractor.  

In 2010 he transformed his construction company, Mozer Works, Inc., into a full-time old window/door restoration enterprise with training and guidance by Marc Bagala of Bagala Window Works.  He and his crew of four, have been restoring old windows/doors ever since and they currently revive/restore about 250-300 windows per year.

Scott Sidler is the founder and president of Austin Home Restorations in Orlando, Florida which has served the entire state of Florida in historic preservation and restoration services since 2010. He is also the creative force behind TheCraftsmanBlog.com, a website filled with tutorials and information to help homeowners care for, restore and understand their historic homes. Annually his website has about 1 million unique readers enabling his services to reach well beyond the state of Florida. He is a graduate of Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont and hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sam Houston State University in Texas. He has been restoring historic buildings since the late 1990s and is a third generation painter, master glazier, plasterer and carpenter with a wide breadth of knowledge about historic design and construction techniques.

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