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2020 WPA Virtual 5th Annual Conference

Saturday, October 3, 2020

8:30AM: Welcome

9:00AM: Keynote Speaker - Jeff Siegler, Revitalize or Die

Jeff Siegler is the founder of Revitalize, or Die. and the Civic Pride Project. Having presented across the country on community development, revitalization, Main Street, economic development and civic pride, Jeff brings passion and candidness to his talks that is refreshing and honest. Not one to pull punches, talks tend to get to the point and address issues most shy away from.

Revitalize or Die

9:30AM: Weather stripping

  • Video of Accurate machines, how it’s made
  • Video of gasket weather strip installation John Robinson

10:30AM: Break and Socializing

10:45AM: Rules and Regulations Regarding Windows - David Peckar

Many codes and regulations have a direct bearing on how window sashes, doors, and storm panels are to be restored, repaired or replaced. The International Building Code (aka IBC, which was basically written by the window replacement industry and forms the basis of most state building codes) includes sections regarding fenestration, including windows.

For example, in many locations, these codes do not allow the replacement of old windows unless the new replacement windows meet the requirements of the energy efficiency provisions of the same codes. This means that, if a home is not in a designated historic district or has not been designated has historic and it has windows that were installed in the 60's and are now failing, single pane sashes that might match the original windows of the structure are not permitted. This is just one example, and there are many, many more.

There are also specific codes relating to safety glazing and some discussions of options for being able to meet state codes and still maintain the historic integrity of the restorations.

  • General overview of building codes vs zoning regulations, the standard codes adopted by most states and where these documents can be procured.
  • Code ramifications of two topics that are germane to the membership, safety glazing and window replacements.

11:30AM: Joinery Repairs

  • Videos or slide shows submitted by members on how they repair rotted joints, glazing bars, lock bites, jamb repairs

12:15PM: Lunch and Chat

  • Attendees are encouraged to stay online, go into break rooms to meet one another, discuss topics of interest to putty heads

1:00PM: Pricing a Project: A 3D Approach

Hosted by Elizabeth O'Byrne

Speakers:Mason Brugh, CPA and Co-Managing Director of Shelton & Company CPAs, a firm serving the construction industry.

Leslie Giles, Realtor specializing in historic properties

Tom Kalasky, Executive Director of University Facilities, Washington & Lee University

Mason will provide a general overview of evaluating costs that go into pricing.

Leslie will show us how window restoration can help sell homes faster and the perceived value added for restoring, not replacing historic windows. She will also speak about her experiences on the Lexington, Virginia Architectural Review Board and her dealings with requiring window preservation in the historic district and what people are really willing to pay for restoration.

At Washington & Lee University, the sixth oldest university in America, Tom oversaw numerous restoration projects including the restoration of the National Historic Landmark Colonnade, 5 interconnected buildings at the heart of the institution. Window Restoration was part of the Colonnade project and Tom will offer his perspective as a major purchaser of window restoration – what factors contributed to the decision to restore the windows? What obstacles did he face initially trying to purchase the window restoration? Before having a window preservation contractor on board, how did they come up with the initial budget for window restoration? 

2:00PM: Break and Socializing

2:15PM: The Brag Show

  • Videos or slide shows from members of projects they are proud of, represent challenges, interesting findings

3:30PM: All Member Meeting

  • Induction of board members, review of past year, financial review, preview of 2021

5:00PM: Cocktails with Double Hung

Grab your favorite beverage and come hang out with the master of southern hospitality, meet more of your fellow members, shoot the… you know.

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