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2019 WPA Annual Meeting Sessions

Friday, April 5

Keynote Speaker - Brett Hull

Brent Hull, owner and president of Hull Historical, is a nationally recognized authority on historic design, architecturally correct moldings and millwork.  Trained in the art of museum quality preservation at the prestigious North Bennett Street School in Boston, Brent returned to his home state and started Hull Historical in his brother’s garage.

Hull has been successfully in business for the past 25 years and cemented his expertise through the restoration of historic properties, construction of fine new homes and a national architectural millwork business that provides historically inspired period-rooms to discerning clients.

In 2016 Brent hosted the History Channel show, Lone Star Restoration. The TV series showcased Brent’s work around the state, from courthouses, to historic buildings, to classic wooden boats. Brent was glad the show could feature the craftsmanship of historic work and the quality of classical design.

Brent is the exclusive licensee for the architectural interiors of the Winterthur Museum and Country Estate in Wilmington, Delaware, the original home of H.F. du Pont. The home boasts the finest collection of American antiques in the world. Hull has recreated multiple rooms around the country matching fine historic details and carvings.

Getting Started With Steel

Wondering how you can add steel windows to your list of restoration services but unsure what is involved with steel? Then this class is for you! More and more steel window are coming on-line in the restoration trades and learning how they work will open up new opportunities for your business. Dave Hoggard and Scott Sidler will give you the basic tools and techniques as well some tips from years of doing it wrong and sometimes doing it right to help you confidently estimate and restore steel windows with success.

Captivate Your Community: Marketing Strategy for the Preservation Trades

Ty McBride is a preservation entrepreneur who left his family's large construction business in 2015 to build a business that would inspire homeowners to restore, not replace. In the fall of 2015, Ty began assembling a diverse team of radicals who would solely focus on restoring vintage windows. In 2016, they launched the start-up Wood Window Rescue and have seen great success combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. Ty has been featured on the HGTV pilot Restore and Revive. He lives in Oklahoma City’s historic Mesta Park with his wife April and their six children

Wood Window Terminology and Measuring

The G. W. Cernoch Works specializes in producing custom wood windows, window sash, interior and exterior doors and exterior traditional wood blinds.  We build for both new construction as well as reproduction work requiring period authentic millwork to maintain the historic or architectural integrity of a structure.

In this session Gary Cernoch will focus on the terminology of sash and provide information on properly specifying a replica window.

Carrots and Sticks- Incentives and Regulations of the Texas Historical Commission

Susan Gammage of the Texas Historic Commission explains preservation financial incentives and regulatory review- how our office interacts with the property owner and contractor on different types of projects such as designated historic buildings, historic tax credit projects and state grants.  A few basics on the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation versus Restoration. Learn more  about historic window surveys and submittals that are required for approval of window proposals.

Saturday, April 6

Knowing Your Break Even Budget

Robert Jacobs, President and CEO of Jacobs Glass, Inc. has a background in business administration. You don’t want him in your shop working with power equipment, or in the field installing windows. He hires good people to do that work for the company, so that he can punch the numbers. He has an MBA from Northeastern University, and worked as a controller of construction contractors for 20 years, before becoming owner of Jacobs Glass, Inc. in 2004.

Chemical Stripping - What, Why, How and How Much?

Tom Clark, Leeds Clark, Inc.

Leeds Clark has emerged as one of the premiere preservation and consulting firms in the country. Mr. Clark and his company have become recognized as an authority in the fields of restoring, replicating, and consulting on historic wood, steel, and aluminum windows. Because of Mr. Clark's reputation, experience, and technical knowledge, architects and government agencies often consult with Leeds Clark concerning specific historic window projects nationwide. Mr. Clark believes inspection of the windows and its materials is vital in developing a window restoration plan; the condition assessment helps the architect and building owner/s establish needs, offer realistic solutions and specifications, then develop a plan and budget to determine feasibility of the proposed historic window restoration.

Session Three - Go Big or Go  Small

Brothers Daniel and Scott Sidler will discuss how they have gone in different directions while saving original windows. Whether building a 20+ person workshop (Scott) or maintaining a one person operation (Daniel) each are making a business work for them. These guys will talk about managing workflow, employees, cash flow, and lifestyle.

Session Four - Awaiting Information

Stay Tuned!

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